Membership Packages – Island Auto Spa

Like Showing Off Your Ride?

Let Us Help With Our New Unlimited Memberships

Stay Clean With Massive Savings

Our monthly membership lets you wash your car daily. No more rainchecks.

Unexpected rain, dust and mud is no longer a problem.
  • Wash your vehicle any day you want.
  • Maintain a pristine vehicle without breaking the bank.
  • Protect your investment from dust, road salt, bug guts and bird droppings.
  • Show off your shine without worrying if your vehicle might get dirty again in the near future.

How It Works

  • You get one free wash a day.
  • Gain instant access through our Touch4Wash app.
  • Simple and effortless washing at the push of a button.
  • 30 Day subscription you can cancel at any time; no contracts.


Spa Luxury League
Get The Spa Treatment with an extra buff and polish
  • 1 Free Wash Per Day (Spa Treatment - Normally $25)
  • Can Substitute For Lower Price Washes
The Thunder Elite
Shine and Sparkle daily with our Extreme Shine wax
  • 1 Free Wash Per Day (Thunder Rolls normally $20)
  • Can Substitute For Lower Price Washes
The Untouchables
Keep your vehicle stunning with our Touchless wash options
  • 1 Free Touchless Wash Per Day (Normally $16)
  • Cowichan Cascade Or Duncan Downpour
Wand Wash Warriors
Self Serve Wash Bays Only (Total 144 Minutes)
  • 1 Wash Per Day
  • Max 12 Washes per Month
  • Each Wash Up to 12 Minutes
  • Additional $1/min charge after 12 Minutes

How To Sign Up

Access to our membership programs are found on our mobile app Touch4Wash.

1) Download Our Touch4Wash App

Our membership programs are accessed from our Touch4Wash application.

Download our app from your App store:

Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera to find the app.


2) Set Island Auto Spa As Your Home Location

You’ll need to enter your cell phone number for the device the app is loaded on and enter the number received in the text.

After this quick two-factor identification you can add our location as your home location.

3) Select Your Package

Now the app is ready to use, you can purchase Automatic washes and activate self serve bays from your phone.

You now also have access to our memberships which you can purchase on the app after entering payment details.


4) Effortlessly Activate Your Wash From Your Car

Once you are next in line at the automatic (nobody between you and the door) you can select your daily wash from the “Auto Wash Menu” and the use the automatic as normal.

Please wait until the payment teller is ready to take a transaction before triggering your wash from your phone.